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Luxurious landscaping for boutique hotels

September 19, 2019

It seems not much time goes by without a new hotel opening, and most are in Australia’s major cities. The competition is driving operators in new territory. Now I have one of those phone holders for hand-holding, I will take a whole heap of pictures at my next hotel. 

What are pop sockets, might you ask. It’s one of those little things you stick on the back of your phone. Just trust me and get one before you go on holiday!

The hotel chains that are established are bringing out their tried and tested methods with more luxurious amenities, but it seems the boutique hotel market is where things are evolving. There is a sense of in recent times travel is changing, and we are seeing more travellers wanting a more unique experience from their hotel stay.

One of the most appealing things when it comes to hotels is the landscaping around it. It is inviting for guests to see green and beautiful plants outside their window view, around the pools and at the front door. It isn’t just the inside that makes a hotel luxurious, but the garden and landscaping play a huge role also. Hotel managers know that it is important for their guests to feel bourgeois but they are sometimes faced with problems that can stop them from creating a luxurious landscaping environment. Most often it is financial concerns. Next comes the limited space. Some hotels can be stuck with limited space especially in luxury hotels as they have tennis courts, spa rooms, golf etc. if this is the case consider putting bedding plants in to create a nice backdrop around the tennis courts and some nice bushy trees.

Rooftop landscaping

Creating a garden on top of a roof if your hotel allows it can be a great way to bring in some beautiful landscaping without using up too much space down below. There are a few hotels that are even growing their produce on their rooftop to bring in freshness to the hotels which are what luxury tourists want to have. Paying high prices for a luxury hotel they want fresh food and a fresh garden.

Another challenge is foot traffic. This can be a huge enemy to exotic plants and grass as they are subject to people walking on top of it. Luxury landscaping usually doesn’t include tough plants that can handle foot traffic. They are quite delicate and need plenty of ongoing care. When landscaping at hotels, you also need to include plenty of seating areas for people to enjoy the landscape. Consider reserving some nice grassy areas for kids to play and people to enjoy a picnic if they prefer.

Ensure you are using plants and materials in your landscaping that can handle the different types of chemicals that you are using at the hotel. If you have plenty of concrete, ensure you can protect them against the snow and rain, so they do not become slippery and a danger to the public.

The right landscaping can be as powerful as selling the hotel as the inside can be. Building plants and beautiful landscape are an effective tool for building your hotels reputation as a beautiful place to visit. Luxury hotels don’t have everyday items like a normal park bench they have unique and rare items that most people don’t have. Be creative when landscaping and also cost-efficient and think about the circumstances around the area you are landscaping like does it get much sun as you wouldn’t build a picnic area where there is no sun etc. 
Pinterest is a great place to find some luxury landscaping ideas that can even be completed as a DIY project eliminating the fees for a landscaper.

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